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Anne-Sophie Campo

Translated from French

"I’m Anne Sophie, French, and the passion for travel has always been present in my family. At the age of 3, my parents embarked on a one-year adventure with my sister and me, traveling through the United States and Argentina in a camper and a 4x4. Later, we lived for two years in Spain, my mother's home country, before returning to France.

Since my youth, I’ve been involved in volunteering. Around the age of 10, I joined the scouts, and during one of our trips, we accompanied sick individuals on a pilgrimage to Lourdes. Even though I am not religious, witnessing these sick people who managed to smile despite their difficulties deeply marked me.

At 15, I participated in the ‘Association Aide Afrique (3A)’, led by my technology teacher. We raised funds to help a remote village in Africa. Although we had planned to visit the village and help build a school during the summer, I unfortunately could not participate due to my one-year exchange in Texas, USA. During this exchange, I met a friend involved in an association in Vietnam helping children affected by Agent Orange, an herbicide used during the Vietnam War. The soil remains heavily contaminated, and many children are born with significant malformations. In my first year of nursing studies, I spent a month with my friend in a hospital section where these children live year-round due to their medical needs. We spent our days playing with them. Despite the language barrier, we managed to communicate. The happiness in their eyes will always be etched in my memory.

At 17, I became involved in significant volunteer work with the Civil Protection, an association dedicated to aid, rescue, and the training of new volunteers. During this year of involvement, I actively participated in local interventions during major events, setting up emergency centers and providing first aid. I’ve always loved helping the world around me, and this experience confirmed my desire to pursue a career in helping others.

All these experiences have given me a taste for exploring new horizons in my studies. At 18, I arrived in Quebec, where I obtained my Bachelor's degree in nursing. Since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a nurse. The dedication of nurses, the diversity of their responsibilities, and the comfort they provide to patients have always inspired me. After 5 years as a clinical nurse, my thirst for learning and my desire to offer more to my patients motivated me to continue my studies to become a nurse practitioner specialized in primary care.

I want to emphasize that my parents and sister, my unwavering pillars of support, made the difficult decisions, such as going on exchange at 15 or leaving my country at 18, possible. My slices of life have shaped my journey and contributed to the satisfaction I feel today as a nurse practitioner. The moments when I can share my knowledge and bring comfort to patients are a source of pride. The uncertainty in the face of symptoms can generate a lot of stress, and that's why I feel very proud to help patients understand their situation. What fills me with pride just as much is when patients express their gratitude for taking the time to listen to them. I see myself dedicated to helping others for a long time: a mission that will continue to guide every step of my journey."

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