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Vanessa Blouin

Translated from French

"I am Vanessa Blouin, Operations Director and a new recruit at CMME since January 2024. My professional journey is unconventional and marked by a passion for continuous improvement, organizational efficiency, and innovation.

Initially a film student in Quebec, I moved to Montreal to pursue university studies in communications. Alongside my studies, I launched a business, gaining valuable entrepreneurial experience. It was there that I developed a passion for management. Transitioning to business management came naturally to me, and I furthered my knowledge by pursuing a master's degree in management at HEC Montreal.

After leading several startups in the construction and service sectors, I decided to invest in a cause that was particularly close to my heart, that of youth. This led me to join Tel-jeunes, a Quebec non-profit organization, where I had the opportunity to lead large-scale transformation and continuous improvement projects in various functions (technology, HR, innovation, products & services).

My arrival at CMME marks the beginning of an exciting adventure. As Operations Director, my ultimate goal is to orchestrate the growth and success of our team, forging a culture of excellence and innovation. I am committed to cultivating an environment where every team member can thrive, contribute to the organization's mission and values, and realize their full potential.

Although I am proud of my professional achievements, I remain humble and aware of the continual challenges to overcome. Receiving the ‘Young Executive of Quebec’ award at the ARISTA competition of the Jeune Chambre de Commerce de Montréal in 2021 was a significant recognition of my journey. I owe this award to inspiring mentors who have guided me and to my teams without whom I would not be the manager I am today.

As a young mother, achieving balance between my professional and personal life is of primary importance to me. I am grateful to successfully balance my family responsibilities and professional ambitions, considering this harmony a true personal achievement."

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