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💙 Carolina Ahumada

Translated from French​

"From my childhood, I was drawn to two things: astronomy and medical shows like 'ER' and 'NIGHTWATCH.' Initially, I dreamt of being an operator in NASA's control tower or even an astronaut, but that dream faded faster than a comet. So, I continued my interest in the medical field, fascinated by both surgery and the human aspect of the profession. I eventually chose to become a licensed auxiliary nurse because I love high-pressure situations, and human contact is precious to me.

Fun fact: When I first met Rémi, the one who recruited me, I was working for a clothing chain. Indeed, my journey is full of twists and turns. I completed a year and a half of technical nursing training before experiencing the loss of a loved one, which led me to take a sabbatical year. In 2009-2010, I completed my licensed auxiliary nurse training. I worked in a long-term care facility (CHSLD) and a medical clinic in parallel until 2016. After that, I put on my supermom cape for four little monsters - yes, four! In 2021, I made a strong comeback to CMME, where I now hold the position of Nursing Care Coordinator in the various Centre Médical Mieux-Être.

As a Nursing Care Coordinator, my role involves managing all aspects related to care, including hiring, training, team care schedules, and more. I work on protocols to improve interdisciplinary collaboration and support the team with any questions, not to mention my work on the floor. I also act as a liaison between the doctors and the nurses at our branches. I work with the doctors to address their needs: what we can do to facilitate their day-to-day work. Recently, I contributed to the establishment of new clinics during an acquisition. Being a Nursing Care Coordinator means being multitasking and ready for anything, and my life as a mother of four children (and my caffeine addiction (laughter)) helps me meet this challenge.

I have many very important people in my life. I come from a family with separated parents who immigrated in 1991. Both have overcome countless obstacles, including cancer, depression, death, violence, and poverty. However, none of them gave up. They taught me to fight, never to give up, no matter how many times I fall. I’m proud of them, of their strength, and their resilience.

For me, working in a job I’m passionate about is an achievement in itself. Although it's a job that requires a lot of energy, I am happy to do it. I am proud when I see the help I provide to others. I am proud to continue my learning, and I am very proud to show my children that life is not always easy, but we can always succeed."

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